Lancair IV-P xTra

Make Lancair


The Lancair xTra project engineered and constructed by RDD Enterprises of Redmond, Oregon, puts new meaning into the experimental world. This is a total renovation of an already incredible and capable machine. Brought up to the highest standards of safety, quality, and excellence, this is an aircraft to be proud of and stands tall on any ramp with the best of them.

This is the almost new, fully renovated, Lancair IV-P xTra, completely reassembled and inspected to the most current revision level. All new electrical wiring and attention to control systems routing and rigging. The latest in air conditioning and climate control. The pressure vessel is resealed and tested. The latest landing gear design with emergency accumulator gear down system, with digitally controlled electric flap actuator. The firewall is fitted with a new stainless steel heat shield. The interior is completely replaced with the highest quality of materials and workmanship. Fine leathers, Alcantara, wool, carbon fiber, and others for the finest of fit and finish. LED lighting throughout, for comfort and convenience. The exterior paint is of the highest quality process, totally prepped and filled for a smooth finish and minimal weight. Finished in clear coat for years of beauty and durability.

The scope goes on with the Lancair IV-P xTra project. In addition to numerous standard equipment, features, and processes, N14PX has incorporated an extensive list of options



TTAE 846 4/20/18

Continental TSIO 550-B S/N 802112. 258 hours since 6 new Continental cylinders



Hartzell PHC-H3YF-IRF propeller,  260 since overhaul. Serial HR50A


Avionics & Radios:

 Dual 24 volt dual battery bus system with crossover

Vertical Power electronic circuit breakers

A/C, pressurization, and emergency bus on mechanical breakers

Garmin Dual G3X Touch glass panels

Garmin GTN 750 GPS Navigator


Garmin 3 Axis autopilot with  GMC 307 remote controller and yaw servo upgrade

Garmin GTS 800 Active traffic

Garmin GTR 20 remote comm 2

Garmin GTX 23 transponder

Garmin GMA 35 remote audio panel

Garmin AOA

Grand Rapids MINI-X backup EFIS with backup battery

ADSB in and out



New, three color Scheme Designers paint specifications



Supple leather with Alcantara seat inserts and red contrasting cross French stitching diamond pattern. The finest materials and attention to detail.


Additional equipment:

Electronic and magneto ignition

Partial deice, alcohol windshield, electric prop heat, dual heated pitot systems

BRS Whole Aircraft Parachute

AMSAFE seatbelts

Lancair Hi-G seats

Upgraded engine controls

406 ELT

Video camera

FLIR Infrared camera

New ergo cabin door handles

Custom luxury leather and Alcantara with French contrasting stitching seat design

Digital climate control with Kelly Aerospace/Flightline air conditioning system

CO detector

LED lighting

HID landing lights